Wrongful Termination

Employees in the U.S. and California work under a system referred to as "at will employment". This means, among other things, that employers can terminate employees at any time, without having to provide an explanation of why you are being fired. At-will employment does not mean, however, that because your employer can fire you without giving a reason that he or she can fire you for any reason. In fact, employers are legally barred from terminating your employment under many circumstances. Your employer cannot fire you for any of the following reasons:
• Because you filed a claim for discrimination
• Because you claim to have been sexually harassed at work
• Because you have reported your employer for violation of an employment or environmental law or other     legal infringement
• Because you're pregnant
• Because you requested time off for family leave or medical leave under the FMLA
• Because of your race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and           numerous other protected statuses
• Because you are backing a coworker's claim of harassment, discrimination or whistleblowing

Your employer also cannot retaliate against you for any of the above reasons. Retaliation may include termination, but can also include passing you over for a necessary training opportunity, denying you a promotion or raise, or denying you any other privilege associated with your employment. If you believe you or a loved one to be a victim of a wrongful termination, do not hesitate to contact Louie & Kitsuse Law Offices for your free initial consultation today regarding your employment rights.



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